Volunteers doing their bit for the 2011 Spring clean.

Volunteers doing their bit for the 2011 Spring clean.
Well done lads!

Saturday 10 September 2011

5 points up in this year's National Tidy towns competition!

"Well, the results are out and we have gained 5 points in this year's National competition. A fantastic result considering the amount of disruption with our roads and building works this year, so well done all of you who picked up litter, planted plants and painted walls and fences. Together as a community we have shown that we do make a difference!

Congratulations are also due to the Transition Towns Donabate Portrane group who were nominated by the Donabate Tidy Towns committee in the Tidy Towns Comhar special award category of Sustainable Development and who won highly commended plus a cheque for €500. As a tidy towns group it is great to see the weekly market run by the Transition Towns group supporting local producers and growers. See ww.ttdp.ie for details of how you can volunteer or see the group’s activities and become part of sustainability on our peninsula.

For the full adjudication report please see:

This will give us areas to focus on next year and in the coming years, but for now let's focus on our achivements.

Congratulations to our neighbouring Fingal towns and villages who did fantastically well also.

Thursday 9 June 2011

Bailiu Bruscar 12u Meitheamh/Clean up 12th June-

Bailiu bruscar don Baile Slachtmhara Domhnach Bat

Cen t-am?:1700 de Domhnaigh 12u Meitheamh/When?: 17.00 Sunday 12th June
Ionad cruinnithe: Faiche an sraidbhaile Domhnach Bat: Meeting point: Village Green, Donabate

Beimid ag plandail blathanna agus ag bailiu bruscar./We will be planting flowers and collecting litter

This is for G-Day in Donabate so

Also 13th June G Day. Flower planting. Meet village Green 10am.
As Gaeilge le do thoil! www.gdaydb.com

Sunday 10 April 2011

Donabate Spring Clean 2011

Sunday 10th April was a gloriously sunny day in Donabate with visitors to the Peninsula flocking to the beach. Even the beautiful weather didn’t stop over 50 volunteers turning out for the Donabate Tidy Towns annual Spring Clean as part of the An Taisce National Spring Clean programme. 20 children proudly took home certificates of participation in the cleanup 48 sacks of rubbish were collected along with 1 supermarket trolley, 1 suitcase, 2 car tyres, 2 traffic cones and 2 bicycles! This is 10 sacks down on last year when a record 58 sackfuls was collected and 4 down on 2009 when 52 sackfuls were collected. The volunteers noticed a significant decrease in litter on the streets and the back roads of Donabate compared to last year and this would explain the decrease in volume of litter collected. It looks like the message of keeping our town clean is resonating with our residents and particularly with our primary school children aided by the Green Schools programme.

Sunday 21 November 2010

Donabate wins two Cleaner Community awards

Donabate gained two prestigious titles in the Fingal County Council Cleaner Communities awards which were announced in October.

Jane Farrell, the Square, Donabate made our community proud by winning the title of ‘Best Presented Front Garden’ in the Balbriggan/Swords category which also covers the Donabate-Portrane peninsula.

Jane was also the winner of the local Tidy Towns best front garden in 2009, so we are delighted that she is flying the flag for Donabate.

In addition, Donabate Portrane Community and Leisure centre has won the “Best Presented Community Centre” category in Fingal.

Even with all of the disruption that building work can bring and the extra temporary prefabs that have had to be installed for the Donabate Community College it is great to see that the centre can still come up trumps in the awards.

Congratulations to Jacinta Lowndes and all of the hard working team at the centre.

Tidy Towns group wins Dublin Bus grant

The Donabate Tidy Towns committee has been successful in winning a €1,000 grant from the Dublin Bus Community Support Programme for the purpose of setting up a community vegetable and flower garden.

The idea is that the garden, which would be inside a housing estate, would serve as a model for other housing estates to set up their own communal vegetable gardens, teaching residents how to raise their own produce, literally at their doorstep with the help of their neighbours.

Initial survey results have indicated that Turvey estate might be a suitable location for this first model garden, so if any Turvey residents are interested in helping out on the planning and setting up of this garden please call Paul Daly on 0866035200

St Patrick’s BNS wins Tidy Towns School award

Who says boys are messy? The pupils, staff and parents of St Patrick’s Boys National School showed they know a thing or two about tidiness when they again scooped first prize in the Dublin region in the Supervalu schools’ award section of the National Tidy Towns competition.

That makes four out of five wins in the Dublin region over the past five years and it is credit to the hard work that is put in by the school.

We are sure that the celebrations will continue at the school for the rest of the year and the work for 2011 will begin in earnest then.

Donabate Tidy Towns National competition results

Congratulations are due as Donabate once again had great results in the national Tidy Towns competition.

This year Donabate gained an extra six points in the national competition, with a total of 251 points.

Three extra points were gained in each of the litter and biodiversity categories, which were categories that the Tidy Towns committee had put a lot of extra effort into in 2010.

Special thanks goes to Fingal County Council’s biodiversity officer Hans Visser, who worked closely with the Tidy Towns Committee and other community groups on the production of a biodiversity plan for our peninsula, which the judges were impressed with.

If anyone is interested in helping out on the Tidy Towns committee please call Blaithin O’Donnell on 0851264660.

Sunday 23 May 2010

Donabate Biodiversity Plan

As part of the Fingal Development plan, Donabate Tidy Towns has been working with Fingal Co. Co (in particular Hans Visser the biodiversity officer) on a Biodiversity Plan for the peninsula.

This plan will we hope ensure the protection fo all of our residents, human and furry for generations to come. Here is a summary of the 10 point plan.

104 Appendix XIIIc: Town Biodiversity Plans
1~ Replace annual bedding schemes with perennial planting, comprising of species that will flower throughout the summer and early autumn, will attract bees and butterflies and have a low maintenance requirements. These bedding schemes are located at: · Entrance to Donabate next to Petrol station · Entrance to Donabate via Turvey Avenue · Village Green · The hand corner

2~ Create a new low maintenance perennial plantings schemes at the village pump in the main street To provide flower rich planting schemes that will benefit wildlife and the town aesthetics.

3~ Develop a demonstration site in one of the estates for wildflower meadow development at a location identified in County Council’s grassland management programme as Grade 7 To develop an attractive flower rich meadows by reducing the grass cutting frequency to once or twice a year

4~ Plant a variety of climbers such as Honeysuckle, Ivy and range of Clematis on side walls of open spaces at Beverton and Cois Inbher to provide a range of colours during the year, prevent graffiti and provide a feeding and nesting site for wildlife within the housing estates

5 -Carry out ecological study of the wetland near St. Ita’s together with local primary school To find out what plants and animals live in the wetland at St. Ita’s

6- Develop a conservation plan for the wetland near St. Ita’s To identify the actions required to protect the wetland and promote practical conservation action

7 Protect woodland in St. Itas and prepare a conservation plan for these woods To identify the actions required to protect the woodland and promote practical conservation action

8 Collect tree seed from local hedgerows and woodlands and grow these on in schools and Turvey park To promote the protection and replanting of hedgerows in Donabate

9 Carry out a hedgerow survey in Donabate to assess the status of remaining hedgerows within Donabate and prepare a list of conservation actions for the individual hedgerows

10 Initiate a campaign of bird, bat and insect box making for gardens throughout Donabate. To encourage people to enhance their gardens and open spaces for wildlife

Donabate Spring Clean 2010

This year on 25th April we had our best ever turn out with 45 participants and 57 sacks of rubbish collected plus a few prams, buggies, tyres, TVs and a cash register! All children participating got a certificate. The rain held off for the 3 hour clean up event.

Saturday 31 October 2009

Donabate Biodiversity Plan Open day. Sat Nov 7th

An open day for information on the Donabate Biodiversity Plan will be held on Saturday November 7th in the Donabate Town Centre foyer area. We will have plans, maps and explanations available for teh Draft Biodiversity Plan for the peninsula between 1pm-4pm.
Please pop by and find out more about how you can get involved in the plan for the peninsula and have your say.

Thursday 17 September 2009

Results are out- We are 5 points up!

Celebrations all round in Donabate! We have increased our score by 5 points on last year, achieving 245 points. That is a great achievement and our thanks to all of the volunteers who have contributed to our success. Our congratulations also to neighbouring Skerries who won the Fingal Gold Award and Swords who won the endeavour award. This year we set litter as one of our objectives and we were slightly disappointed not to increase in that category. We will just have to redouble our efforts next year and with the help of Fingal Co.Co hopefully we will increase our points in that category next year.

To view our adjudication report for this year please see:

Saturday 18 July 2009

Best Front Garden competition winner

Congratulations to Jane Farrell, The Square, Donabate, winner of our Donabate Best Front Garden competition 2009. Jane is the winner of a hotel break for 2 kindly sponsored by Kane and McCartney Super Valu in Donabate Town Centre.

Joint 2nd prize of a €50 garden centre voucher each goes to Eddie Gorry, Portrane Rd, and Ann Hoolahan, the Hand, Ballisk. Congratulations to all. It was great to see the residents of Donabate displaying their fantastic gardening skills.

Biodiversity in Donabate

We have been working with Hans Visser, Biodiversity officer for Fingal Co. Co. to produce a Biodiversity plan for Donabate. This is a long term project and will bring many different groups working in Donabate together: Tidy Towns, The Donabate Portrane Community Council, Schools, Fingal Co. Co, Conservation Ireland volunteers, Birdwatch Ireland members, the scouts and residents' associations. Some of the plans include creating wildflower areas, scaling back the managed and mowed green areas and allowing them to return to a wilder state to encourage wildlife, a cultivation programme for the endangered Portrane Poppy, encouraging bird boxes in housing estates, planting more sustainable, native species of plants and shrub, replanting and protecting hedgerows and completing wildlife surveys.

If you have a contribution to make on this plan or want to be involved in any way please let us know: donabatetidytowns@dub.ie or 085 1264660 (Blaithin)

Tidy Towns Judging

In all likelihood the Tidy Towns Judges have been and gone. It is usually June when they make their unannounced visit to judge us. This year we are hoping to increase our marks for litter. We have remained stagnant at 25 marks out of 50 for the past few years, but have made a real effort this year. Next year we will be focussing on biodiversity. Just because the judges have been, does not mean that we have no work to do though. We have been busy judging the Donabate Tidy Towns Best Front Garden Competition and completing other works around the towns as well as keeping our litter rota active.

Village Green Beds replanted

We have replanted our village green beds. This may be the last year of the beds the way they exist now. We are looking into the possibility of replacing the traditional bedding plants with perennial native species that will be more biodiverse....all part of our plan to make Donabate as biodiverse as possible.

Volunters required for litter picking Rota

We all know that due to the "R" word Fingal Co.Co have lots of cutbacks and that services in some areas are suffering as a result. At Donabate Tidy Towns we don't feel that cutbacks should mean that our town looks any worse, so we have a litter picking rota of our own going. If you are interested in signing up to cover an area please let us know. We can supply you with a litter picker, bags, gloves and a fluorescent Tidy Towns vest. E Mail Blaithin at donabatetidytowns@dub.ie or call 085 1264660.

Friday 24 April 2009

Tidy Towns awareness weekend

We held a Tidy Towns awareness weekend in the Donabate Town Centre on 18th/19th April.
We had a stand manned by Tidy Towns volunteers and the stand detailed our future plans and past projects. There was a lot of interest generated and we now have a whole new bunch of recruits signed up and chomping at the bit to get stuck into some projects.

Donabate Tidy Towns Annual Spring Clean 2009

We are having our annual Spring Clean in Donabate on Sunday 29th April. Meet at 12.30pm outside SuperValu. Last year we collected 48 sacks of rubbish which was fantastic. though I don't know if we will do as well this year as there is noticeably less litter in Donabate these days, due to our more frequent litter patrols. Every child participating gets a certificate. Let's hope for some good weather. We have purchased some new litter pickers to save our backs and we have good supplies of gloves.

See you all there on the day!

Thursday 7 August 2008

Heritage Week Walk on Sunday 31st August 2008 at 12 noon outside Donabate Train station

This is the third year for this walking tour. It takes about 3-4 hours to complete and is suitable for most walkers. There is plenty of historical information given on the day and the journey will take us through Donabate, St. Ita's Hospital, Portrane, Tower Bay, Cliff Walk and Donabate Beach. Bring rain gear, camera and good shoes or boots. This year Donabate Tidy Towns will be launching their heritage walks of Donabate mini brochure to coincide with the Heritage week walk.
The Waterside House Hotel will be hosting a brochure launch event with entertainment, food and drink for all the walkers on the Heritage walk when they arrive at the hotel which is a stopping point near the end of the walk. Minibus available from the hotel back to the train station after the launch.

Friday 20 June 2008

Our most recent project was a small display outside St. Patricks Church on Main street. This was kindly sponsered by Kanes Supervalu, Donabate shopping Centre.

Wednesday 28 May 2008

Next Project Saturday 31st May 11am Rogerstown Estuary

Dear Tidy Towns volunteer,

Many thanks to those of you who lent a hand to the planting projects at St Patrick's Park on Sunday. It is looking fantastic.
The Links also organised a planting day on the same day and the tree surrounds look great.

Our next project is this Saturday 31st May at 11am. We will be tidying the lane that goes from the Beaverstown Golf Club to the Rogerstown Estuary and along the shore of the Estuary. This laneway and the shoreline is a very important habitat for our flora and fauna, and we hope the removal of accumulated rubbish will help preserve their habitat.

If you have a spare hour please come and join us . Litter bags will be provided and we have some litter pickers also. We have some spare gloves, but bring your own if you have any.

Meet: Beaverstown Road at sign at entrance to Golf Club, 11am, Sat 31st May.

Many thanks

Donabate Tidy Towns

Tel:085 1264660

Saturday 17 May 2008

St Patricks Terrace Project 25 May 12noon.

Our next project is at the request of two of our Junior Volunteers

Sunday 25th May-12 Noon

St Patrick's Terrace entrance. (off the Beach Road-New Road)

We will be landscaping, trimming and tidying the verges at the entrance to St Patrick's Terrace.

If you have a few spare hours please come and join us .

Many thanks


mobile : 085-1264660

Monday 12 May 2008

The Hand Project


We can only claim partial credit for this one. By pointing out the deshevelled state of the corner to FCC, they very kindly built a lovely stone wall for us.
Many thanks to Fingal County Council.

Our Great Volunteers

Lunch. Mmmmm.......

Sunday 11 May 2008

The Hand Project


A job well done.

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Next Project. Saturday 10 May. 2pm at The Hand.

Dear Tidy Towns Volunteer,

It's only a few weeks to go until a Tidy Towns judge will be judging Donabate. It could be anytime in June or July but we seem to get judged the week of the June Bank Holiday weekend.

We need to gear up our efforts to show Donabate in its best light, so we are arranging a planting and maintenance day this Saturday 10th May at 2pm.

We intend
-Replanting the bedding area at "The Hand" (junction of Beaverstown Road and Portrane Road)
-Replanting the area surrounding the Donabate sign beside the Campus petrol station (This has just been beautifully rewalled for us by Fingal Co Co)
-Clearing dead branches etc from the Rose planted area in front of the credit union on the Portrane Road
-Possibility of some other ad hoc jobs depending on numbers of volunteers available.

We would really like you and any of your family or neighbours to give a few spare hours to keep Donabate looking in tip top shape.

Meeting place: The Hand at 2pm this Saturday and we will divide up into teams.
Bring trowels/forks/sweeping brishes if you have any

Please let me know beforehand if possible if you can make it so we have an idea of numbers of volunteers.

Many thanks

Donabate Tidy Towns
Tel:085 1264660

Saturday 19 April 2008

National Spring Clean 2008

A few members of the team

Two Hero's of the Day. The Pride of St. Patrick's Terrace.

Sunday 13 April 2008

The Donabate Stone on the Turvey Avenue

This is the Donabate Stone on the Turvey avenue.

We planted a lot of flower bulbs there this year and the result has been spectacular.

The Donabate Stone on the Hearse Road.

10 May Update. Fingal County Council built this great low wall feature at the request of the Tidy towns. We bought and landscaped it this weekend. Enjoy...

This is the Welcome Stone on the Hearse Road beside the Petrol station. Its's a difficult spot to landscape but we've done our best.

We are hoping the Fingal county Council will help out at this spot in the future.