Volunteers doing their bit for the 2011 Spring clean.

Volunteers doing their bit for the 2011 Spring clean.
Well done lads!

Sunday 23 May 2010

Donabate Biodiversity Plan

As part of the Fingal Development plan, Donabate Tidy Towns has been working with Fingal Co. Co (in particular Hans Visser the biodiversity officer) on a Biodiversity Plan for the peninsula.

This plan will we hope ensure the protection fo all of our residents, human and furry for generations to come. Here is a summary of the 10 point plan.

104 Appendix XIIIc: Town Biodiversity Plans
1~ Replace annual bedding schemes with perennial planting, comprising of species that will flower throughout the summer and early autumn, will attract bees and butterflies and have a low maintenance requirements. These bedding schemes are located at: · Entrance to Donabate next to Petrol station · Entrance to Donabate via Turvey Avenue · Village Green · The hand corner

2~ Create a new low maintenance perennial plantings schemes at the village pump in the main street To provide flower rich planting schemes that will benefit wildlife and the town aesthetics.

3~ Develop a demonstration site in one of the estates for wildflower meadow development at a location identified in County Council’s grassland management programme as Grade 7 To develop an attractive flower rich meadows by reducing the grass cutting frequency to once or twice a year

4~ Plant a variety of climbers such as Honeysuckle, Ivy and range of Clematis on side walls of open spaces at Beverton and Cois Inbher to provide a range of colours during the year, prevent graffiti and provide a feeding and nesting site for wildlife within the housing estates

5 -Carry out ecological study of the wetland near St. Ita’s together with local primary school To find out what plants and animals live in the wetland at St. Ita’s

6- Develop a conservation plan for the wetland near St. Ita’s To identify the actions required to protect the wetland and promote practical conservation action

7 Protect woodland in St. Itas and prepare a conservation plan for these woods To identify the actions required to protect the woodland and promote practical conservation action

8 Collect tree seed from local hedgerows and woodlands and grow these on in schools and Turvey park To promote the protection and replanting of hedgerows in Donabate

9 Carry out a hedgerow survey in Donabate to assess the status of remaining hedgerows within Donabate and prepare a list of conservation actions for the individual hedgerows

10 Initiate a campaign of bird, bat and insect box making for gardens throughout Donabate. To encourage people to enhance their gardens and open spaces for wildlife

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